Launching a startup is hard.
We make it easier

Let us do the submission task for you so that you can sail in your startup journey and focus on the next moves. Also helping your startup with the Backlinks Building stuff.

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Created a great Product? Did you know that there are more than 180+ ProductHunt alternatives that you can use to launch your product and get feedback from the community about your creation?


The main reason you should launch on these free platforms.

Gain traction

We provide you with 180+ platforms to launch your product by putting you in front of a highly relevant audience of tech enthusiasts, influencers and investors.

The first traffic

Getting traffic is hard for any new website. This was it will generate some authority and some traffic and some clicks. Trust us 180+ platforms are huge.

Various Categories

We have 180+ websites in various categories, including top email newsletters, top directories, top communities etc.

Simple, transparent pricing.

Always know what you`ll Pay

I don't know anything😢

Please help me with everything. Take me from zero to one.

  • Launch your Product on 180+ platforms
  • Write your website content (300-500 words)
  • Write your marketing stuff (Value Proposition, Startups Mission, Value Proposition and Audience Refining copies.)
  • Create your brand assets(Logos, Product videos, Launch videos)
Let's Launch and grow

I Know Something😉

I know how to do it, but I am lazy.

  • Launch your Product on 180+ platforms
Please do it for me

I know everything

I am super confident and I can launch better than you

  • Get Airtable access to 180+ Product Hunt alternatives
Just give me access

How We Work?

This is pretty messed up process, but we work neatly😉

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We Start, we collect

After you buy the service, you'll be redirected to a form that you have to fill(it's related to your startup and stuff).

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We verify

We verify the information you filled in the form. Then related to your niche, we find the best platforms, newsletters, and communities we can submit in. We verify the same with you.

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We submit

We submit your startup to the various communities, platforms, newsletters etc. And we create a Notion Database with all the Proofs, that we submitted to your startup and share it with you.

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Job Done

We're done with this work. We get to you again, for Link Building of your new startup. We give high discounts to repeated customers.


How many total websites are there?

We have a total of 270+ Startup directories where we verify and look.

Can I edit my startup information after this service?

Yes, we will provide you with Notion database with login details to those website where we posted your startup, you can simply visit and edit. We can do it for your also😉

Any special discount for student builders?

Yes, we have a special discount for students who are building. You have to email us with your proof of student.

Can you launch in under 12 Hours?

Yes, we can launch your startup in under 12 hours for $70 addon.

Let's Chat (it's free)

if you still have any problems, you can schedule a 30-min meeting with me (FREE)

As I don't own any of the above platforms, so there is no guarantee, if your startup is removed in future. We just submit your startup on the platforms we will confirm with you.